Who Needs a Liquor License in Florida?

Individuals or establishments who wish to sell beer, wine, and/or liquor, i.e. a license to sell alcohol. Beer and wine can be purchased as a consumption-on-premise license, or a package license. If also selling liquor, a QUOTA license must be obtained. Note: a limited number of QUOTA licenses are issued throughout the state based on county population.

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Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the number of licenses issued to sell beer and wine. However, there are various circumstances that require special licenses to enable the selling of liquor, such as restaurants, which means specific requirements must be met to obtain these license types.

To ensure you’re applying for the proper one, review the various types of alcoholic beverage licenses, along with their respective application fees. Liquor License Florida is here to answer any license questions specific to your Florida county. Call 866-470-8881 today.

Those who need a liquor license in Florida are individuals or establishments who wish to sell beer, wine, and/or liquor.

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