How Much Does an Alcoholic Beverage Vendor’s License Cost in Florida?

Half-year vendor’s license to sell beer and wine: $14 – $196, with annual license fees: $28 – $392. To sell liquor in addition to beer and wine, half-year license fees: $234 – $910, with annual fees: $468 – $1820. Fee structure is based upon county-population where the license is registered. The greater the population, the greater the fees.

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The 2016 Florida Statues go into detail as to how beer (563.02), wine (564.02), and liquor (565.02) can be sold. With county populations ranging from less than 25,000, all the way to a 100,000 or more, effecting the annual fees of alcoholic beverage licenses. Please visit Florida’s License types and Fee Charts for further detailed information.

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Annual alcoholic beverage licenses for beer and wine cost between $234 to $910, with annual liquor licenses costing between $468 to $1820.

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